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Digital Marketing Services and Solutions | Soy Agency


Under one roof

Whether you choose one or a range of services, we always deliver outcomes that meet industry standards, maximise ROI, and generate clear, measurable data for your full control and assessment


Mobile users are constantly growing. Make sure your website adapts to mobile and tablet users.

Web Development

We're very particular about web design. Your website is a direct reflection of your business. We develop our websites to look modern, be user-friendly, responsive, and effective in collecting leads. Our website developers from Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines are always updated with the latest in best practice and trends, to purpose and build web layouts that meet your business goals and are aesthetically pleasing. SOY's dedicated, in-house team of web developers will code and bring your ideal web designs to reality across all devices.

SOY believes in future-proofing websites. Built with the right technology and framework, we can customise your website, landing pages, and mobile and web apps based on anticipated needs and project. Stay confident that our web developers will support you from mock-up, website launch and through future updates.

  • Desktop and mobile web design
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Landing page design

Search Engine Optimisation


This digital marketing agency thinks you’re number one. So there’s no reason why you can’t be number one for everyone else.

SOY’s comprehensive SEO packages quickly improve your business’ online presence and attract your ideal customers. Our SEO experts from the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia ensure your website ranks in search engines for the right keywords. They are experts in keyword selection, user search behaviour, search queries and SEO strategies.

User searches, trends and behaviour are always changing. Our SEO services provide a monthly report with detailed insights to guide you in the right direction for the best performance.

  • Site audit
  • Keyword research
  • Content optimisation
  • Webmaster check
  • Deindexing
  • Content recommendation


Apart from appearing as the top search on Google, we also aim for you to be on that top rich snippet so more people can see your expertise.


Google is the best place to do PPC ads - it has over 90% of the search engine market share all over the world, with about 630,000 searches per second.

Google Ads and PPC Advertising


SOY’s expertise in PPC management, Google ads and social media marketing ensures that you get your brand seen. With SOY’s vast history with ads and our cost-effective rates, you can achieve a fast ROI, generate quality leads, and grow your business in a short period.

Get the right business results you’re looking for in a PPC management agency – one that has tried and tested proficiency in Google ads and social media marketing. With our teams in Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, you get world-class output every time.

Our Google ads and PPC management package includes creating, managing and optimising your ad campaigns across various search engines. We closely monitor and modify each of them to deliver measurable, positive outcomes. You will also get frequent, transparent reports regarding ad performance, budget and recommendations for improvement every month.

  • Pay Per Click campaign
  • Google display network
  • Remarketing campaign
  • Lead generation campaign
  • Youtube video ads

Graphic Design


Graphic design is more than just aesthetics. A good digital marketing agency knows that creative visuals fulfill a range of goals – they inform and tell stories, increase brand visibility, and guide customer journey to make decisions in your favour.

Whether you need a new logo design, flyer mockup for an upcoming event or brochures to attract more clients, SOY’s graphic designers from Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines are your go-to creatives. We understand your brand, needs, and goals to meet your requirements and surpass customer outcomes.

Each visual solution is a culmination of creativity and strategy to encourage interaction and connection with your end users. We’re committed to providing you artistic, visually impressive and effective graphic design solutions that will make an impact on your business.

  • Marketing collateral
  • Promotion materiral
  • Presentation templates
  • Merchandise design


Graphic design does more heavy lifting than you'd expect. When done well, graphic design takes you from a good first impression, to converting leads to customers.


We're language nerds who are all about multichannel marketing. We'll help your brand reach your audience in any given platform.

Digital Copywriting


Language and storytelling are your differentiators. As a digital content marketing agency spread across Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, our copywriters can make your brand more accessible and engaging to your specific target audience. We always begin with briefing and in-depth discussion to fully understand your business, target audience as well as market insights. From blog posts, brochures, SEO friendly website content, to case studies, transcriptions, ads, social media and more, our writers can competently express your brand and messaging so you can stand out.

More than brand awareness, informing and educating your target audience, our copywriters can also create content designed to generate leads and drive sales. You can be confident that in this digital marketing agency, your reputation and goals are always at the heart of everything that we write.

  • Social media content
  • Website content
  • Collateral content
  • Creative copywriting

Social Media Management


Use social media to increase brand awareness and share your personality to a wide audience. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube to speak to the different audiences who utilise these platforms. As a digital marketing agency across Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, we have a passion for different cultures and the differences all over the world. Through social media, we help you communicate your brand identity, build engagement and maintain a community of followers.

Through content creation and targeted advertising, SOY manages your online presence, bringing your brand to more clients and supporting sales prospecting. All social media content is customised for each social network to ensure engagement, interaction, brand awareness and maximise ROI.

We also offer monthly reports to break down performance into specific metrics and offer data-driven insights for future social media content.

  • Marketing collateral
  • Promotion materiral
  • Presentation templates
  • Merchandise design


Facebook is the most widely-used social media platform in the world, and for good reason. It's a great platform for organic and paid posts, and getting insights into your audience.

At SOY, we appreciate all feedback and requests from our valued clients. Just drop us a line and we will respond shortly to see how we can help.